Covid-19 Guidance

Covid-19 - Your booking with us - last updated 28th February 2021

We are a small family-owned establishment who rely on being able to accept and welcome guests all year to enjoy our location & facilities here in beautiful North Devon. Our fixed overheads here are pretty high so it's important for us to have paying guests all year round. We understand that this is an unsettling time for all our customers and would like to reassure you that we will continue to operate within Government guidelines.

Our cottage & campsite will continue to be open for guests for 2021 unless we are told to close by the Government.

During your stay

If you feel unwell with Covid-19 symptoms during your stay you must self isolate and inform us that you have done so. You must then arrange a test. If the test is positive you must return home to your main residence immediately, this is so you are near to your own doctors and hospital. 

If you're due to leave and have not got time to have a test you must drive home self isolate and have a test there, again not stopping on route.

To keep guests as safe as possible we have a new cleaning regime following government and industry guidelines.

All guests must keep 2 metres from one another and wash or sanitize your hands regularly.

During this time we are not allowing guests to have visitors to our site.

Campsite guests we ask you to use your own onboard facilities where you have them.

If your holiday has to end early due to suspected covid-19 symptoms we are sorry but we are unable to offer any refunds (our standard terms and conditions apply). 

Bookings with us affected by Covid19 - Currently these are holidays up to 11th April, Holidays after 12th April our standard terms and conditions apply. Holidays booked for 12th April 2021 onwards your balance due date maybe delayed, an email will be sent. 

Refunds/transfer of holiday:

Should we have a national lock down or you are told you are unable to travel due to your tier level or we are unable to have guests due to our tier level then the following options will be available to you.

1) Your holiday is paid in full - We can put the whole amount paid towards another stay or we are happy to offer a Full balance refund and a transfer of your booking deposit to another stay. Alternatively we can offer a full refund.

2) You have paid a deposit - We can put this payment towards another stay either when you book another stay immediately or if your happy to wait for a cancellation.  Alternatively we can offer a refund of your deposit.

We do ask that as much notice is provided to us so we have the option to re book your original holiday dates.

We recommend that all guests take out travel insurance just in case they have to cancel their stay due to a positive covid test or suspected covid infection.

If you (or anybody in your party) contract or suspect you have contracted COVID19 or are required to self-isolate for any COVID related reason, you should make a claim through your own travel insurance. We are sorry but will not be responsible if you (or anybody in your party) has to cancel your stay due to Covid related illness or suspected illness or a requirement to self-isolate. Our insurance does not cover us for loss due to a pandemic therefore if you are concerned we recommend that an insurance policy is taken out.

Refunds will only be considered where the government has informed us that we must close or you are in a tier level that means you are unable to travel.

We are constantly following guidelines and will update this page as new information becomes available.

Thank you everyone

Stay Safe

Darren & Sarah